What To Bring?

CLOTHES: Layer, layer, layer! A winter coat or at least a warm sweater (and perhaps gloves, hat, scarf, etc.) especially if coming in May or September as temperatures can dip below freezing (0°C/32°F) especially when driving over mountain passes that reach over 3000 meters/ 10000 feet. Also lighter clothes that you can stay cool in (maybe t-shirts and shorts?) as Bishkek can get up to about 40°C / 100°F during its hottest days of July/August. Comfortable hiking shoes and maybe some clean sandals/slip-ons for indoor yurt wear (you must remove shoes when entering) and something for swimming in that dries out quickly. For women, it is best to avoid short shorts and miniskirts as people outside of Bishkek tend to dress more modestly.

PASSPORT: A valid passport that will not expire within 6 months of arrival. As of January 2016, Americans and EU members do NOT need visas but will receive a passport stamp upon arrival good for 30 days in country.

MONEY: Fresh large ($50s & $100s) bills (uncrinkled and without marks) as exchange offices are picky and will not accept U.S. dollars or Euros that have blemishes.

MEDICINES: Any prescription medecines or emergency medication (antidiarrheal, aspirin, etc.). There are numerous pharmacies in Bishkek, but even common drugs may be different from what you are used to and we will be traveling to isolated destinations with limited availability. Hand sanitizer, mosquito repellant, sun screen and handwipes may all come in handy, too!

ADDITIONAL ITEMS: camera, small flashlight & headlamp, backpack and waterbottle, small pocketknife,

Please NOTE: All outlets in Kyrgyzstan are running 220 volts and have European connectors!


ADDITIONAL ITEMS: camera, small flashlight (headlamps can assist late night outhouse usage!),