Upcoming Service Projects : VOLUNTOURISM

In addition to our Eco-tourism trips listed here we are excited to partner tour groups with service projects around Kyrgyzstan. Below are a list of upcoming Voluntourism opportunities requiring only your time (plus enough money to cover basic food and accommodation for your time here). We are excited about your willingness to help in this area of many needs! Contact us if you would be willing to help for a few days or a few weeks on any of these projects.

Baseball Camp

Naryn Baseball Camp Group Shot with glovesNaryn Baseball Camp GroupNaryn Baseball Camp Huddle
Location: Naryn City
Dates: 2-3 weeks, late June/early July 2017
Description: Take them out to the ballgame! Many children in Kyrgyzstan are left outside most days with little to do during their long summer vacation. This baseball camp aims to get them moving, teach young girls and boys how to play the classic American sport and build confidence in themselves. The kids are divided into teams, learn basic skills, play full games against one another and are awarded participation certificates on the final day with an optional hike up the mountain to conclude the relation-building time. We need volunteer coaches and assistants for each team; no experience is necessary but a love for the game is a bonus!
Naryn Baseball Camp Teeing OffNaryn Team Hiking Photo

Chicken House Construction

Chicken House Wall Construction NarynChicken House Insulation InstallationChicken House Naryn Cages
Location: Naryn City
Dates: Summer of 2017
Description: Many families in Kyrgyzstan struggle because there is no work in their communities (which is especially hard on the men who are traditionally breadwinners) for their large families. Many of the men are left with the choice to stick around seasonally unemployed or underemployed (which leads to depression and drinking in far too many cases) or to leave the area to find work abroad (often times Russia or Kazakhstan) or even in Bishkek where they can find building or service jobs in order to send money home to their families. In either case the strain on the families can be a real burden. Chicken farming has proven to be a successful small business for families all over Kyrgyzstan with over 500 families adopting our egg producing model. We are planning to construct one or two new chicken farms this summer for new families to live alongside and have profitable work in which to repay the start-up costs of their sustainable farm. We need volunteers to help build and set-up the mud-brick chicken farms and living quarters. Please volunteer; no special skills necessary!
Mud Brick delivery RTC NarynRTC Chickens Naryn

Community Building Construction Project

Naryn Community Building SideNaryn Community Building basementNaryn Community Building front
Location: Naryn City
Dates: ongoing
Description: This building has been utilized since the 1980’s to host meals, events and services for the Naryn community. It is located near the center of town making for a convenient meeting spot and through rotation houses a low-income family in need of a place to live (while they caretake and guard the property). The outdated building is falling apart so a new building on the same property was started over 5 years ago which includes upgrades such as an indoor bathroom and running water. Money and labor shortage halted the two-story project; all that remains is tiling the bathroom, adding a tin roof, building stairs, finishing the walls, ceiling and floors, and digging trenches to lay water pipes to connect to city water. Please consider volunteering to finish one of these projects to help us open the new building for use!
Kyrgyz Summer FeastKyrgyz Holiday Feast

Women’s Shelter Re-Roofing Project

Mud roof RTC NarynNaryn Shelter new roofKyrgyz worker roofing in Naryn
Location: Naryn City
Dates: Summer of 2017
Description: The Women’s Shelter provides a safe place for women to come who have experienced abuse (some estimate that Kyrgyzstan has an 80% or more abuse rate) or who need to get back on their feet. Ladies and their children are welcomed into this warm home, fed, counseled and helped on a personal level with both local and foreign staff to take care of them. The building is more than 30 years old with an original abestos roof that is cracking in multiple places. The Center plans to tear off the heavy brittle tiles and replace them with sheet metal roofing (Rib Steel Roof Paneling). If you have any prior roofing experience, that would be great, but as long as you are not afraid to climb onto a low roof – your labor here will be put to good use!
Naryn Women's Shelter ReroofingClamping down roof Naryn home

English Club for Kids

Bishkek preschool kindergarten kidsBishkek Preschool KidsSunday School Bishkek Group
Location: Naryn City
Dates: May 2017 or September 2017
Description: Week-long camp for teaching kids English. Children attend school from age 7 to 17 in Kyrgyzstan beginning a foreign language before the age of 10. English is far and wide the most popular foreign language for students to study. Often times books, curriculum and even the proficiency of English teachers is lacking. The kids are eager to talk and learn especially from native English speakers as you will undoubtedly hear kids yell out “Hello” while walking down the street in town. Come join us practice some English with kids through games, songs, movies, and conversation practice! No TEFL or teaching experience necessary.
Pupils Receiving Naryn CertificatesSummer Camp Kyrgyzstan Assembly Hall