Roads in Kyrgyzstan

Reservoir Naryn Kochkor Highway Road Sunset Song Kul Lake switchback mountain road Overturned log truck Karakol road Ala Kul Lake Top Issyk Kul dirt road Salty Lake Naryn gas station horse herd migration SUV jeep animal herd reservoir pass Bishkek Naryn Kochkor deer roadside monument Dolon pass summer yurt camp Issyk Kul highway southshore road Sheep herded down road from At Bashy to Naryn Fairy Tale Canyon parking Issyk Kul Issyk Kul Lake road Salt Lake Chinese trucks driving up snowy Dolon Pass Yurt camp Dolon mountain road Dolon pass road animal herds fog Yurt Dolon Pass Bishkek Naryn road Bokunbaeva beach parking bel tam yurt camp Roadside mural southern shore Issyk Kul Alma Bak Park Road At Bashy Horse monument South shore Issyk Kol Fence murals Kyrgyzstan Dirt Road

While the Chinese in partnership with the Kyrgyz government have been financing nicely new paved highways, there are still many gravel and dirt roads in Kyrgyzstan. The highway between Bishkek and Naryn has been completed with smooth paved roads and will soon continue uninterrupted to At Bashy and close to the turn off of Tash Rabat. However, many of the popular tourist destinations (such as Song Kul and Kel Suu Lake) lie high up through mountain passes reaching as high as 3,000-3,500 meters (10,000-11,500 feet) with plentiful snowfall. This means that especially early and late in the tourist season (May and September/October) some of these destinations may be hard if not impossible to reach even in four wheel drive. The road between Osh / Jalalabad and Kazarman / Naryn gets frequently washed out (usually it is passable in July and August) and may require a detour all the way around to Bishkek if on a tight schedule.

Due to potholes, snow, snowmelt, streams, mud and other road hazards, the roads can be treacherous to drive without adequate precautions. Our drivers are trained and experienced in this steep mountainous terrain. We require vehicles to have good tires and working safety belts. Most taxi drivers and vehicles in Kyrgyzstan do not bother with such safety precautions. At any moment large herds of animals (horses, cows, sheep, goats and an occasional camel or yak!) can come out onto the road and surprise you with running down the road which provide for entertaining stories and we will be happy to stop the vehicles to give you photo ops of the breathtaking scenery. Of course the destination is only half the journey; the drives are full of the adventure we guarantee!