Our Services

Manas Airport PicWhat WE provide:
Hassle free arrangement of all details & assistance in itinerary planning

Airport pickup from Manas International Airport (25km/16mi/45mins from Bishkek)

Overnight hotel, apartment or bed&breakfast stay for first and last nights in Bishkek

All meals including food and drink (excluding alcohol) for the duration of the trip

Yurt camp or Bed & Breakfast stay at destinations

Daily excursions near destinations

Guided flexible tours & English interpretation

All transportation in and around Bishkek plus travel to and from all destinations

Personalized entertainment options which may include museum visits, horseback riding, bike riding, swimming, etc. based on your preferences

All entrance fees and service charges to museums, parks, rentals, etc.

Opportunities to use wifi internet or be reached by phone

Cultural experiences and knowledgeable local explanations

Photo opportunities and group pictures (taken by us or 🙂 selfies)

Assistance in exchanging money & shopping for souvenirs (we’ll negotiate the best rates 4 u)

Beautiful views, mountain scenery and lasting memories!

On our ALL-INCLUSIVE TOURS we really mean all-inclusive! Upon full payment for the tour, you can put your wallet away for the duration of the trip (unless you choose to buy souvenirs) as we take care of everything else. We will do all the booking, take care of all costs, pay all tips, etc. saving you from feeling nickeled & dimed every step of the way. This way you can enjoy the beauty instead of the burden of bartering in a foreign language!

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