Fairy Tale Canyon & Salt Lake


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Fairy Tale Canyon / Skazka Canyon

The canyon was named because of its bizarre rocky landscape, which for many years has been transformed by wind into amazing sculptures and formations. Some formations look like The Great Wall of China and you can also find other formations that look like snakes, dragons, sleeping giants and even whole castles. From here opens unusual view on a majestic panorama of lake and blue caps of mountains. It’s an excellent destination for children and adults alike and makes for an easy hike close to the lake. The unique landscape of sandstone and red clay appear to change colors depending on the light and make a magnificent foreground to the crystal blue Issyk Kul lake, shining yellow sun, fluffy white clouds, brilliant blue sky, and majestic green tree covered mountains.

Kyrgyzstan’s Dead Sea

The salty lake known as a “Dead Lake of Kyrgyzstan”. The lake was opened as a tourist destination in 2001. The water is so salty that one can read a newspaper while floating on the surface. The water contains about 132 gram of salt per liter. This lake is also popular as a “medical tour”. Mud is superheated deep beneath the earth’s surface. Many locals believe that it has healing properties.