About Us

Our Family on a hike overlooking Naryn City

Our Family on a hike overlooking Naryn City

Our family first toured Naryn in 2012 and permanently relocated here in 2014 after having completed Kyrgyz language courses in Bishkek.  Aside from tourism we are working to start sustainable chicken farms for local families and provide a safe shelter for abused women.  Through Kyrgyz-Travel we are excited to share the under-explored beauty of Central Kyrgyzstan that we now call home.  Please contact us about how we can best personalize a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you to enjoy the nature, sights, and culture of this region.

Initially founded as “Shofar Group” in June of 2006 by British national Chris Binder, our small family of four assumed control in 2015.  Now rebranded as Kyrgyz-Travel, but retaining the same local tour guides/drivers, we seek to continue in the strong tradition of service and financially sustainable projects in rural Kyrgyzstan just as Chris first envisioned.  Through the business we strive to:

Create genuine employment and personal development opportunities in regions of high unemployment;
Stimulate the economy in rural regions through demonstrating how small service businesses can be set-up and run.
Operate ethically: demonstrating high standards of integrity and creating an environment where employees, tour partners and visitors are highly valued and treated with respect.

We are foreign-owned and directed but we have a 100% local workforce.  Everybody earns a fair market wage in order to provide for their families, and we as owners have pledged to invest any profits into other job creating businesses for locals.

Seeing the beauty of our region and the potential for tourism “Shofar Tours” was launched in 2008 but has since adopted the Kyrgyz-Travel moniker.  The presence of western personnel who live in the Naryn region brings competitive advantage.  We can understand western markets and tourists yet also have an in-depth knowledge of the Naryn region and culture that allows us to maximize the benefit gained by the local community.  Through using the experienced tourist services of Kyrgyz-Travel you are helping to bring a positive change to this beautiful yet needy region of the world.